Magnesium Spray

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100% Pure Magnesium Oil.

Many of us today are deficient in Magnesium. Magnesium is important for our bodies to help our cells, bones, heart and muscles function normally.

The benefits of using the spray include-

🌿 Relaxation
🌿 Helps boost immune system
🌿 Can help improve sleep
🌿 Relieves menstrual pain
🌿 Can promote better digestion
🌿 Assist with skin issues
🌿 Helps reduce migraines
🌿 Aids to reduce muscle soreness.

Spray oil directly to area of concern & leave for half an hour. If you are low in magnesium it may cause your skin to tingle. If you are uncomfortable wash the oil off. Best practise spray test area first.

Created from Pharmaceutical grade pure magnesium chloride.