Do you know what chemicals are in your skincare?

Posted by Kerrie Colman on

I never thought twice about it until I had Stella. She was sick all the time and it started making me question everything we ate, everything we put on our skin and the products we use in our household. Looking deeper into our skin care I realised we were using products that have extremely harmful chemicals in them. A lot of the chemicals are known hormone disrupters and neurotoxins which are effecting us in many ways. The rate of people requiring IVF is dramatically increasing, every second person seems to have a thyroid problem and kids are going through puberty earlier. Our skin is our biggest organ and studies have shown that our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. Pretty crazy!


I am slowly releasing Purified Living skin & body care products that I make from raw, pure & natural ingredients that have a positive affect on your body. I have been making the products for myself and family & friends for over 9 months now and haven’t looked back.

This is a totally different venture for me which only started because of my kids health. I hope by sharing my stories & products that people will start to be more conscious of what they put on their skin.

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