DIY Toilet Spray

Posted by Kerrie Colman on

fragrances were made from pure essential oils from plants and now they are made from various toxic chemicals that are harmful to ourselves and pets. This DIY Toilet Spray is made from water & essential oils only. I have used Lemongrass in my toilet spray because it has a really powerful refreshing smell. Lemongrass properties are also antibacterial and revitalizing making it a great option for the toilet 😁

Recipe- 🌿300ml spray bottle 🌿 Cooled boiled water or purified water 🌿 15 drops of Essential oils

🌿 2-3 pieces of rock salt Method- Add all above ingredients into spray bottle, put lid on a shake. Before each use give the bottle a little shake to disperse the essential oils. . . #diy #toiletspray #essentialoils #purified_living #soeasy #notoxins #spraybottle #evenmykidscouldmakeit #toowoomba #wyreema #smallbusiness