Croup- Using Natural Remedies

Posted by Kerrie Colman on

Croup! Charlie started getting croup at 2.5yrs old and gets it quite bad. It generally comes out of no where in the middle of night and is distressing for all involved. Watching your child struggling to breathe whilst waiting for an ambulance is a tough gig. Around July last year a friend gave me some Arborvitae essential oil to try and see if it helped when Charlie got croup. Every time Charlie has croup he ends up in hospital on adrenaline and steroids so I was very sceptical about the oil working. The time I tried arborvitae on Charlie he got croup early in the morning so in a panic I got out some sweet almond oil and mixed it with arborvitae essential oil and rubbed it all over Charlie's feet. I remember Tylarr looking at me like I was whipping up some sort of witch potion 😂

To both of our amazement Charlie slowed down coughing and within 5 minutes was back asleep. We rubbed the mixture on his feet for the next couple of days and to our surprise we didn't end up in hospital. We then carried Arborvitae essential oil on us every time we went on holidays, except at the start of this winter we went to Brisbane for one night and Charlie got croup. Back to hospital we went. This worked for Charlie for around 6 Croup episode's until recently it seems he has built up a bit of a tolerance and it no longer works as well. It still keeps him out of hospital however he still has the cough mildly through out the night. I have been researching other essential oils that could help support croup and Litsea was one of them. Early yesterday morning Charlie got croup again so last night I decided to try something different so I diffused Litsea essential oil. Thankfully Charlie slept through the night without one cough last night. I am so grateful to have found essential oils as my kids have had so many steroids in their life. I hope our story inspires others to look for natural remedies ♥️