Launched in 2019

Health and Wellness Products using Essential Oils


Purified Living Launched in 2019, Purified Living is a stockist of health and wellness products used on your body and in your home. What started out as a passion project has quickly grown into a movement to help reduce the amount of toxins in your family’s life and reduce the health conditions these toxins cause.


About Kerrie

Hi, I’m Kerrie Colman and my aim is to support you and your family on the journey to a low-tox life. As a new Mum to a 4 month old son, I became concerned for his health. After struggling with respiratory illnesses including croup and asthma and receiving little relief from recommended treatments, we were left feeling helpless. My concerns only grew when my daughter, at 6 months old, was also struggling with respiratory illnesses and eczema which led her medical team to suggest testing for cystic fibrosis.


I was desperate for answers and decided to do my own research, stumbling across essential oils which at the time felt like a last resort. What started as trying out ‘expensive smelly things’ with little hope they would work, led me to completely switch out our store bought body care and cleaning products and create healthier alternatives.

Creating a low-tox lifestyle Through this journey I have learned so much about the ingredients included in everyday household products and the ill effects they can have on our bodies and our loved ones. This sparked huge lifestyle changes. By reducing the chemicals our children come into contact with and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we have improved our overall health and reduced or eliminated our children’s need for medications to treat their health conditions.


I want to empower other women to make these changes by simplifying the transition. Using gentle, nourishing ingredients, at Purified Living we carefully and lovingly create toxin-free personal care and household products to ensure the safety of your growing family. Purified Living isn’t just a business to us, it’s about creating a community for you to lean on and providing support and resources to take the hassle out of switching to a low-tox life.


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The essentials oils have been a game changer for my families health and also to reduce the toxins in our lifestyle.

Kerrie, Purified Living

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